Monday, June 21, 2010

Larissa Riquelme Hot Model Supporting Paraguay

You remember my old post saying a hot female supporter putting a phone at her cleavage! If you want to see my old post you can see HERE 


Here is the picture that i was saying about. Actually she is someone that are quite well known and quite attractive on the same time. She is actually Larissa Riquelme is a famous model in Paraguay and she is supporting the fullest for her country. I wish that my own country is in there and can see a lot of hot chick supporting it. Ya right! Like it gonna happen anytime soon.

Look below she gonna show something more attractive than the picture on top!

famous_model_also_640_04 famous_model_also_640_05

Look she is so happy jumping up and down when her team score! Not only a lot of people are looking at her even cameramen are aiming it at her.


Go Go Paraguay! This picture can’t get OLD even i see it about 100 times

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Aaaahhhhh! Pity her, her team did not WIN. If possible Paraguay will win the WORLD CUP! Just joking ENGLAND Will win this time.

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J said...

hehe..if our country is in world cup..maybe amber chia will support...or datuk siti...hmm..

Anonymous said...

no way in hell englang will win the world cup...keep on dreaming...dream only the best thing england can do

Jimmy T said...

J@ Haha Amber Chia lolz

Anonymous@ I will! Maybe they can surprise us!

aremierulez/Amirul said...

totally hot. i saw many hot chicks supporting their football team.

i like to see malaysian hot chicks do the same... Hannah Tan, Fazura, Carmen Soo, Diana Danielle.. But Malaysia will never qualify to world cup if FAM stay the same.. :(