Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bra Meter of Size from A to H

bra_meter_01 bra_meter_02 bra_meter_03 bra_meter_04 bra_meter_05 bra_meter_06 bra_meter_07 bra_meter_08 bra_meter_09

Sorry for not updating for about 4 days i think because busy with exam and stuff. Back to topic here is some of boobs size comparison saying that you don’t need to have a big boobs to express someone. You need to be yourself than be attention whore and wanted to show off.

In this world sometimes is unfair but look at the bright side sometimes something you don’t expect will happen.

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3 Lovely Comment:

MizArWeN said... and women does matter about size.heheh

v!vi@n said...


Jimmy T said...

Mizarwen@ Ya for me at least it fit what i want i am more than happy.

Vivian@ Me too when at first haha