Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mister Potato Rice Crips Review


As you can see on top it is 4 of the new flavor that they will introduce into the market. I have taste only 3 it is the fame grilled BBQ,Original and hot and spicy. But i tell you it does taste really nice can’t wait to buy it again.


At first i arrived i was looking where is Prince of Persia of the movie and i thought i was on the wrong line because the board say Prince of Perccccccccccccccciiiiiiiiiiiiiaaaaa not Persia. But lucky i saw some familiar faces on the line and i was in the right line and on the same time waiting for the Rice Crips to arrive.


Can you see the brown box have arrive and everybody can’t stop to get their hand on it because it is a new product and everybody are so eager to try it. Also the flashes of photo can’t stop flashing almost make me blind on the process.


Than when the Rice Crips have been putted on the table everybody start to have their eye on it and waiting for which flavor that they will be getting. Even myself i i wish that i can get something nice. *Flashes* *Flashes*


Wow look at the line it is so long it reach almost to the escalators. But i think everybody get it because when i came back to the place and the line was gone they was carrying boxes back i thought i want more but do not want to be greedy because it taste so nice. 


Rice Crips Review:


The 2 flavor at the right i get for free and on the 2 on the right i buy for myself. Look at the can it is quite big and firm on the same time when i first get my hand hold on it. Not only that the design of the can look nice and special. When i first i look at it, have attracted to me.


Not only that they are selling to us with extra tall that why when i eat it can’t finish type of feeling. But it is not nice but it is too good and i can finish it when i watching a movie.


Not only that you look at the can what are not added and have!  It is something that you can eat more and not to worry that it is bad. With that i can eat more and feel that i am not fatting myself or bad for my health.


It is the same O chips in oval whatever it shape people call it.  But everything is firm and nice and no breakage whatsoever that you can see normally. But everything is fit and nice even the flavor.


Let me review the flavor for the original it is quite ok nothing to shout out because it is original. But it is quite tasty compare to other product that you can find in the market. It taste normal but it is quite nice.


For BBQ is one of the best i have ever try! The flavor is something new that i have never try before. One time i was really hungry i finish the whole can myself. Also after eating i feel not that thirsty. Sometimes i eat potato chips it make me need to drink a lot of water. But i really really like this flavor hope to get 1 whole year supply.


For hot and spicy it is quite nice too. Because the hot and spicy is not that spicy but when you eat it you can feel the spiciness down your throat not very hot but really nice it have a tempting smell and flavor of it.


I try a experiment with a full can putting on top of the chips it really can stand and can’t break.  It surprise it is quite tough. That why it not that easily break what i have said before. For now i am quite busy maybe in the future i would like to try on the sour cream that flavor they have. For now need to study!

It is my first time getting free supply and the flavor is one of the best!

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