Wednesday, June 16, 2010

World Cup 2010 South Africa: Hottest Babe

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I know I know you all want to be at the World Cup! Too bad at the TV only can watch the match but can’t watch the babe. But i will give you icing of the cake for the world cup some of the hot chick that you hardly find anywhere. Better cherish now if not you need to wait another 4 years to see again.


Hmmmm which is the hottest babe but i think i say which is the cutest is better because cute girl you can’t get bored of them. For Asian i think the Korean girl i assume on the left is the cutest and for European would be the right that is holding the beer. I am not pervert is cherishing the moment until it gone forever.


What is this picture so weird is she put her hand phone at her cleavage! Interesting i think she need to get one  like below! Not only that she can wear a pant without a pocket and can putting everything in her bra like her drinks and so on.


Don’t you think it is useful? haha

5 Lovely Comment:

MizArWeN said...

wts wf Italy supporters and pink bra? LOL..isk2

Jimmy T said...

I think they want to blind their enemy! So that they can WIN

TOLANIC said...

So many boobies! @_@

Jimmy T said...

Tolanic@ That why so much people wanted to watch WORLD CUP

aremierulez/Amirul said...

Sarah Brandner, Bastian Schweinsteiger gf, is totally hot. She's in her own league