Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sexy and Interesting Design of a Mouse Pad!

sexy_mousepads_11 sexy_mousepads_6 sexy_mousepads_7 sexy_mousepads_8

I know you love the design! On the same time playing with game can squeeze here and there! But the design is quite interesting for guys. Not really sure but i think out there you can get guys and handsome as a mouse pad.

sexy_mousepads_9 sexy_mousepads_12sexy_mousepads_13sexy_mousepads_2sexy_mousepads_3sexy_mousepads_1

The tut and but but is so round! lol fake and juicy, i know you all is loving every moment of it!


Never see any shop in Malaysia is selling but people out there surely is interested to get their hand dirty to get one of it. On the same time dota can squeeze squeeze. If so desperate go can squeeze yourself! But i think the interesting one is putting your girlfriend picture as a mousepad even you do not see her at least you can see her and know how she is look like.


I think i would put Selena Gomez! As my Mouse Pad! I don’t want to squeeze or press anything just want to have a look at it. It would be more than enough for me. I will repeat again i am not a pervert. *Big Wink"*

2 Lovely Comment:

kenwooi said...

lol cool.. i want! =P

Jimmy T said...

I know you like it! =]