Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Comic Market(Comiket) Cosplay in Japan

Do you know what is Comic Market also know as Comiket? Have you ever heard of it? If you watch or read Manga,Anime you will know all about it! IT is way better than PC FAIR ^^ More sexual acitivty is happening in this event than any event you see out there

Comic Market CosplayComic Market CosplayComic Market CosplayComic Market Cosplay

As you know Comiket is known as Comic Market it is one of the largest comic book fair ever. This Comic Market fair happen twice a year not only that you can see everybody are wearing their favourite cosplay of their character some of them look awkward some of them look freaking hot to attract attention.

I know I know you are drooling here already by NOW!!!!

Comic Market CosplayComic Market CosplayComic Market CosplayComic Market Cosplay

The first Comic Market Fair ever held would be on 21 December 1975 it only have very small number of people. But for today you can see that about thousand people out there and there are a lot of people around of the world come to Japan just to visit this Comic Fair.

It is a nice event that you should visit once in a life time and snap as much picture as possible!!!

Comic Market CosplayComic Market CosplayComic Market CosplayComic Market Cosplay

It say that what you found in the fair such as books and so on you can find it everywhere such as online or shop outside but the price is way expensive than what they are selling at the FAIR! So going to the event not only you get to see hot see chicks anime,manga whatever they related to the Cartoon thingy that they like to see in Japan.

But if you watch anime you will know that to attract people to watch it they put something sexual in it!!! That what attract most of the people including myself but I have not watch anime for quite long already.

Comic Market CosplayComic Market CosplayComic Market Cosplaysexy-comiket-78-cosplay-finale-056

If you interested to go there expect to see that more than 30,000 seller in the event. You are not the only one at the event for the 3 day event you will see more than 500,000 of people there for the 3 days event. Every year it will be different not lesser people but more people out there.

It happen twice a year normally fall on August and December!!!


What you can expect at this EVENT!

You will expect that the line will be freaking long it will take hours just to enter into the event. So you should not be surprise that during the event you will see pornographic material that will be shown on some of the booth. That is the purpose people visit there I THINK!



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