Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Reality AND Expectation:WHEN GUY MEET GIRL!

Some people know that they can’t get that girl because they can’t get it is because you never try you will never know they better be emo or just sit in front a computer whole day just watching porn instead. You want something you need to fight for it because life is not about working working working working working working working working you need to have time for yourself.

Here is something that you would be EXPECT BUT REALITY IT IS DIFFERENT ^^






Want some hints to tackle girls? For girls to tackle guys would be easy just be pretty than the whole world would chase after that girl!

But for a guys to chase a girl than it would be like doing a research on a girl! First and foremost would be don’t make ass of yourself in front of girl even become lamer than it is already is! So it is important to know what you are doing whenever what you are doing! You doesn’t need to be good looking to get girls but it would give you an advantage. You also don’t need to be read but obviously it would give you an advantage too but at the end of the day they are not chasing what you are but because of your MONEY!!!

It is your choice TRUE LOVE or TRUE TO THE MONEY

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alina said...

I really like your posting dear and i really appreciate your methods.awesome.