Monday, February 21, 2011

Restaurant Serve Coffee in BIKINI!

It was started like earlier 2007 because the purpose of girl of wearing bikini is to attract customer after the incident when the construction that done on the road block the way to their restaurant. But nowadays a lot of people are copying their style so that they can attract a lot of people something like an attraction. Obviously people come here not only to drink coffee but to satisfy their eye and it is something special compare to starbuck.

Interested to visit the restaurant? Too Bad only have in the United Sates!!!!


They say that after they introduce the “bikini baristas” not long ago, they hire hot ladies to serve their customer coffee only wearing bikini that surely attract their customer attention. But some of their staff do extra service to get extra pocket money out of it. 5 of their staff have been accused that giving their customer to photograph them when they are performing erotic shows that will charge them about $80 per show.

Than this lead to prositution!!!!! Obviously the sexy lady would to go to court to face CHARGES!


Even picture have been found that they spreading their legs wide open and provide services like licking whipped cream in some private places that you wouldn’t want to know about it. Even though this do not relate to prostitution but it is related to legal law that it is engaging sexual conduct for a fee. The purpose they introducing girl wearing bikini serving bikini because having tough competition like starbuck and so on with this will give them advantage against the big names in the market.

Even they can topple their big competitor but at least they reduce their competitor revenue and increase their revenue tremendously.  Nowadays it is like a trend you will see girl wearing bikini serving coffee in a small shack or even a big restaurant becauase it is profitable business.


For this girl working here they salary can as high as $19 per hour that is why a lot of girls willing to work there even showing off their assets to people to see. There even a complain saying that will shut them down for good but not long ago the laws have been changed and their response would be they are not wearing bikini anymore. Lately they have been receiving bad publicity their business have turn from bad to worst and are force to let their staff go.

Most of the owner now have a strict policy that must have an acceptable attire to work.


People say that it is ok for them to wear like this because in a lifetime for ladies to look sexy would be on their 20++++ but after that their body don’t look so hot anymore if only they have plastic surgery so it will be extra entertainment for people to see and a new marketing strategy but should not over do it and cause problem to the community.

Here is a VIDEO for u TO ENJOY!

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Anonymous said...

In Chile (the south american country) this exist for decades; the chileans call these places "café con piernas" (coffe with legs)