Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Who is the Best: BMW,Audi,Mitsubishi,Bentley

Who do you think will win this?





Bentley obviously pawn all of them! Have you notice all the big company are advertising like crazy to shoot each other down but at the end of the day that what make them to be on top. Without any competition in the market we do not fear or want to know it better. We will feel can use than can lah <<<< that how we normally think but we are wrong. With competition we will push our limit until the end because a fair competition is always fun!!!

Hope one day in Malaysia can change it for the better so that having competition like Mercedez,BMW will help them to become even better. People would not want to buy top brand car like BMW and so on because the car tax is increase by 200% if the car worth RM100k but when it want to sell in Malaysia it will increase to RM200k and the road tax is expensive too.

That is why more people would want to buy Asian car and most of them will by Malaysian car because it is way CHEAPER!!!

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