Thursday, February 10, 2011

Katy Perry Unsecure about her BIG BXXBS!

Do you know who she is? If you do not know her I think you are still living in the ICE AGE or DREAMING of the WONDERLAND! Katy Perry exclusively said to Elle magazine that she feel unsecure of her 32D thingy to show to the public. But don’t worry she will show even more I say so because…… look below for more info

As you know she is not only she look freaking attractive but with her bust have attracted million of people to watch her. She say that she have enormous boob that she do not know how to use it for her advantage when she was young. So to prevent people of laughing at her she try her best to wear minimizers to cover up her big bust. But at the end of the day it don’t look so cute wearing tight tight clothes.

Then she become a joke because people keep teasing her about the strap she is wearing by saying “the over the shoulder boulder holder <<< whatever it means I think girls will know what it is than a guy. Than she say that she is just trying to look like Kate moss but she fail miserably at the end. She say that used to hate her big bust because people make joke of it and it is embarrassing


But she say that she did not know that her big bust was so useful someday. Today you can see that not only she is freaking talented but with that hot body and stuff have attracted million of people attracted to her and so on. Just look at her music video you will drool like mad. You should have a look on Katy Perry Music Video fireworks on Vevo she got 110 million viewer just imagine that how famous she will be if each person donate to her $1.

Today she feel secure and comfortable with her big bust because she even let people make joke out of it. It happen during Saturday Night Live I think you will love it. But today she say that she is not shy to show her feminine side to the whole world I think you will know by now.


Katy Perry music video in Sesame street was not air it is because from the viewer point of view that it is by seeing it you can see her tits, than her cleavage can be seen from start to finish and after seeing my kids would love bxxbs later on! But at the end she have been critize but the video was posted in youtube it get million of hits but older people would love to watch it.


Than you can see that KaTy Perry is showing her that thingy bouncing up and down with Elmo on the same time seeing Hot N Cold! That is why parents don’t allowed their kids to watch it but they know about it means they have watched it and LOVE IT! Trying to hide something ^^




But I think if parent did not criticize about it the show would be AIR and all the kids would love so much!

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