Tuesday, February 15, 2011

With One Small Gesture u can CHANGE PEOPLE LIFE!

Sometimes you give a person a helping hand you can give them a wake up call or change their life completely! Sometimes with a simple gesture you are giving a hint that you are interested with that person but sometimes people interpret wrongly and they are just be friendly. Sometimes by a small gesture you will know that person are interested at you are not such as they keep looking at you once a while.



In your lifetime someone will come to your life and CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER! Like INSPIRATION ^^

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Shirley Soon said...

Yep.. u r rite, never under estimate ur help / action towards others. The best part is the very person(s) will personally thank you and it really touch our SOUL which money cannot buy. Always Remember no matter how bad others treat you BUT the way u treat others MATTER THE MOST.