Monday, February 14, 2011

FIRST Ever AIRLINE to HIRE Transsexual as Flight Attendant!

Have you not heard it is the first time Thai Airline is hiring transsexual as their flight attendants and because they are hiring them it is because they get many job application from transsexual even though the airline is not hiring them. Their qualification would be no different from a women because they look like one in the outside, the important thing here would be they can do what they suppose to do and they language ability . Not only that but their should act,talk like a women. One of the transsexual that is hired say that she cry of happiness because she get the job and it is a break through and she say that she have submit a lot of job application to many of airlines.

Whatever you want to name as transsexual,ladyboy, katoeys but normally you can see them working in cosmetic shop, health shop. Out of 100 transsexual application that they receive they only take 4 and only of them was Transsexual Beauty Pageant Winner at 2007 as you can see the picture below. They also hire 19 female and 7 Male but the one create the buzz would be the transsexual they look as beautiful as a real FEMALE.


Here is the Flight attendant Tanyarat Jirapatpakon

According to PC Air President Peter Chan say that recruiting transsexual is a bit different because we can’t take a few minutes because we need to make sure that they can do what we expect they to do. Wow you need to have a good qualification to work in cabin crew such as must be Thai nationality, a Bachelor degree, must able to swim and should have excellent communication ability not only in Thai but also in ENGLISH.


It say that PC Air Co would hire more transsexual in the future if there is no restriction from Department of Civil Aviation. They say that there have more thing to prepare than a real women.Sooner or later in the future it would be attraction and people would admire how a guy become so beautiful and you will hardly see any sign of guyish.


Here is a video for you to ENJOY

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XCB said...

this is a good thing! they deserve better!

Anonymous said...

Appreaciate for the work you have done into the article, it helps clear up a few questions I had.