Sunday, February 13, 2011


Some of the Czech student are trying to make extra pocket money by doing some weird idea that you wouldn’t think off. Because of the economy is bad they are trying to work hard to make extra pocket money to spent and they think of a brilliant idea to clean people house and get paid. But this 21 years old Katka Kopecka’s hope she is hot, decide that she would recruit her friend to join her.

As you know most of the time you are at home cleaning the house is done by your mother and not you because busy sitting in front of the computer to play facebook games. She know that a lot of people hate cleaning their own home they decided to come out this idea that how about we get naked and clean people not only their house would be clean but they get some entertainment on the same time.


Their company is call CRAZY CLEANING for at the moment they have only 15 naked cleaner that they can provide and the customer that choose can have a choice for their cleaner to be fully naked, topless or in their underwear. For cleaning an hour it cost about $200+++ and when the naked cleaner is doing their work the customer can enjoy themselves by jerking watching their hot body like watching a TV.


If any party wanted to complain about this services the founder say that some people would say that this is a prostitute business but she say that it is not related to that. Her business is doing quite well because she get many calls daily and on a tight schedule because many people would want to see them naked cleaning their house. I know everybody would be interested to hire their house now maybe everyday too but it cost quite a lot but it is LEGAL!

Here I found their official website!


Here is the TRANSLATION:

Choose girl or boy for specialized cleaning of your home. Certainly there is nothing more enjoyable than just observe how the erotic lingerie picks up one for you.
Comprehensive two-hour provision of cleaning your home (kitchen utensils, vacuum-cleaned, cleaning house, dust, floor). According to your requirements and ideas.
1.500, – CZK

Special requirements must be arranged in advance or on site with a girl or a boy, everything will happen after the cleaning is on your agreement.
In special cases it is possible to finish mowing the garden, washing windows and other works. Of course there is the possibility of extension of time cleaning the next two hours.

Everything just depends on you and your imagination, or that you want to mess this exciting way to clean up.


Here is the TRANSLATION:

Contact us by calling:

732 407 122
731 250 972

Tell us your wishes and will for us
to try to meet your expectations.


Obviously this would be their photo GALERY!

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