Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I’ve Got the Power with Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch

Does the movie sound interesting? All the hot girls are becoming WARRIOR in this MOVIE!


This is BABY DOLL! Don’t you think she look so cute? But don’t get fool by her look she is more dangerous than you look! DON’ T you think she look like Holly Madison the Girl Next Door!!!!


Look similar right????

What you would do to escape if you were held against your will with Babydoll and her team?


First thing first I would find out that who is I am dealing with! The most important among all would be to know how strong is my enemy is and what is the weaknesses that my enemy have. Because it is dangerous if we do not know who we are fighting with and how good is them. It is better to know who is we are dealing with and try to find out a strategy to takedown this BabyDoll and FRIENDS!


For me to take the challenge I would allowed my crew to come and safe me and they would know what to expect with BABYDOLL she look HOT but she is DEADLY! Not only that I believe my team can take her down in  style because we all are train well with Steven Seagal! Not only he is strong but FAST like an EAGLE or maybe like a ROCKET!!!

If you mess with me you are mESSING with all of US! TIME TO PLAY SOME GAMES!!! Because our team is smart enough to do anything the enemy can run but they can’t hide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If I get my hand on her I would not kill her but I will let her suffer like she did to me. So that to let her how I feel because it is like life if someone do not lost something important to them they would know how it feel but if one day they lost something important they would think back that how much that person have make a big different in their life.

If she is really EVIL like this I would guarantee lock her up! And have her A PIECE OF ME it is matter of time before she would burst in TEARS and BEG me to FORGIVE her what she have did to me. If you play games with me I would play your game as easy as that.



But by looking the movie perspective she suffer a lot and of her doing so it is because what have happen when she was younger. If it happen like this I would have SYMPATHY at her but I would use the same way to release myself but I would catch her and try to cure her that try to let her thing that the world outside there is still a lot of thing to be explore than WAR n REVENGE.

Hope that I can cure her but if I can’t than at least I try my BEST! Life is not al about REVENGE not because she is hot but about my good heart! HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHAHHA *cough*


Importantly if I want to take her down! We need TEAMWORK with TEAMWORK we don’t even have a CHANCES to beat her to safe me even the person how PRO or GOOD IS THEM! You can brag by saying I can do everything myself maybe in school or studying or assignment but in REALITY you need people help without it you will be like a DEAD STONE on the FLOOR!

YOU CAN DENIED IT BUT IT IS A REALITY! My real goal to escape is my teamwork of my crew so that they can coordinate themselves and work together as close as possible so that anything happen they can backup each other and SSSAAAVEEEE ME!!!

Here is the trailer ENJOY!!!!

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