Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thing you Wouldn’t Want to see on X-RAY

Thins that you obviously do not want to see on X-ray and some people put weird thing in weird places! It can be funny sometimes but it is not a playing matter. If you have watch jackass that person put a barbie doll up on his ass that  the most hilarious thing I have ever see.strange_things_found_in_x-rays_15

I think he was drunk when he did that!


Obviously this would catch your ATTENTION I think the X-ray should see plastic thingy in her BOOB!

strange_things_found_in_x-rays_16strange_things_found_in_x-rays_17strange_things_found_in_x-rays_7RIPLEY'S BELIEVE IT OR NOTstrange_things_found_in_x-rays_4

That obviously gonna hurt! OUCH


I think this person is trying to hide from the cops and shove it straight into his anus! Heard news of people shove needle(drug addict use) into their butt when they see the police. Please don’t try it haha!


Not only they shove weird thing in their butt but they even eat weird things that you wouldn’t want to know! Scissors ^^


This one is the most EPIC among all how a grenade when into they I think obviously that person hear too much Bruno Mars I am Grenade and for that person to be a grenade that person eat it.

I don’t even know why this person force this freaking big thing into his mouth! If that person eaten sperm that would be ok but A GRENDADE


That is why they are so SMART nowadays!!!!

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