Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mother Upload Nude Video of her Daughter to find a BF!

Can you believe this? Her mom is trying to find her a boyfriend and she is already 26 years old. If your mother did this to you what will be your reaction? Not only that post a video it will spread like hot cakes! MAN

According to source they say that the girl in the video is Ganlulu is one of the China actress. For me I have not heard or seen her acting before in my life. In the video itself you can see that her mother when into the toilet and ask her daughter while she is naked saying that she want a boyfriend that is nice to my mother and me that is more than enough for her.

By watching the video you can see that her mother say her purpose to find a boyfriend for my 26 years old. By looking searching Ganlulu found a few picture that you can see below:


A lot of people saying that she look so gorgeous and have a sexy body it is impossible this picture would be her! Because what that bombing body she can seduce all the rich people in China because nowadays not about what is in the inside but what is in the outside.


Don’t you think this look like her in the video?

ENJOY! Here is the censored video it is about 1.19 second if you understand Chinese you will know what she is saying if not I have translate most of it when you are reading above so no worry! You can see that her mother is very happy making this video and hoping to find a perfect match for her and sooner or later people are finding where they can register themselves.

I know you all looking for uncensored version of GANLULU TOO BAD!!!

You can’t find here Devil

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