Saturday, December 5, 2009

Facebook Vs Twitter BIG MATCH

Yesterday we got new stats from Facebook, including the passing of the 350 million user milestone. Another interesting tidbit came out in a UK press event on Tuesday, where a Facebook exec pointed out that there are apparently more active users in the Facebook app FarmVille than on all of Twitter.

The popular casual game boasts a current 69 million monthly active players, making it the largest FACEBOOK application by a factor of more than two to one over the next highest competitor. Their daily active players count is now up to 26.5 million, up from 11 million just three months ago. That’s an astonishing growth rate that almost any company would be drooling over.


While Twitter hasn’t itself released official user stats, research puts the figure close to 18 million by the end of the year. It might be a bit of a pot shot, but the “FarmVille vs. Twitter” statistic is a telling reminder of the size difference between the two services.

Can there really be more virtual farmers inside Facebook than total Twitterers? Let us know your thoughts on what this means for the fate of the social networking industry, and of civilization, in the comments.

Source: mashable

Wow FACEBOOK is challenging Twitter in stlye by saying Facebook Game FarmVille have more visitor than a small little twitter birdy. Facebook will be bigger than twitter is because Facebook can do more thing than updating your 140 word they can play game and stuff.

So if Twitter want to beat Facebook they need to be damn creative then only they can beat them for now can see it happening also facebook reach 350 million user on counting.

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