Thursday, December 10, 2009

MODEL Monique Chau Caught Having Drugs

MODEL Monique Chau was caught for keeping drugs in her school toilet.
The 17-year-old Hong Kong model has pleaded guilty to a drug possession charge at a court in the Special Administrative Region in September.
She was supposed to be sentenced on Tuesday but a urine test found that she had taken drugs before attending the court session.
Due to this, the case was postponed to Jan 5 pending a report on the examination and her probation report.
Chau was given bail.
She is a Year Five student at a secondary school in Hong Kong.
Hong Kong's Sing Tao Daily reported that the staff found Chau behaving suspiciously and entered a female toilet in the school during classes.
They followed her and seized some ketamine powder, a packet of tissue and a straw from her.
The school authorities lodged a police report.Source: Asiaonenews

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