Monday, December 7, 2009

WARNING ChatBox Scam Facebook

WARNING: New Facebook Chat Phishing Scam in Progress


Be on the lookout for a current spate of phishing tactics

spreading on Facebook via the chat feature.

The attack employs similar methods to those used by past scams, using hijacked user accounts to send chat messages with a generic message and a link to a familiar-looking Facebook phishing page. Of course, if you actually click the link and enter your details on the fake Facebook login page, the hackers steal your e-mail and password and direct you on to the real Facebook.

Once your account has been compromised, hackers use it to perpetuate the scam by spamming your friends in chat. Automated bots handle the heavy lifting of pestering your contacts. At least one of the messages comes in the format “ROFL this you?!” with a phishing link, but this particular vulnerability may take other forms, so be sure to use caution when receiving any remotely suspicious chat messages from your Facebook contacts.

Facebook typically aggressively pursues phishing scams like this one, so hopefully it won’t be plaguing users for too much longer. Until then, please use caution when using chat. Have you spotted any variants of this scam? Source: Mashable

As you now Most of us that have computer surely would have facebook. Do be careful who you talking too you will never know you will be the next on the list to be scam. The best only add the people you know. If your friend talk to you try to ask something that the scammer would never know. Such as how many time did you go to the toilet.

So be careful don’t fall into my people trap!

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Willy C. said...

Some ppl r just too free

hanum said...

I couldn't open my facebook inbox and I was given a warning message from Facebook team. What's going on? Thank's