Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wrecked Lamborghini That Gonna Cost A lot

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The 200mph Gallardo ploughed into parked cars after it swerved to avoid another vehicle that had just pulled out of a petrol station. It was being driven back from a special show for students when the accident happened near the city of Cremona.

Two police officers in the car escaped with only minor injuries. No-one else was hurt in the crash.

Police also use the vehicles to ferry transplant organs in specially fitted fridges.

Hell yeah, transplant organs. Say -- any livers in that fridge? Kidding, I'm vegetarian!

Hit the jump for one more shot from the other side.

Thanks to maria and nortilus, who have both be known to sit in cardboard boxes in the kitchen and pretend they're driving supercars. MLIG


I think the Police Play too much racing game already. The car will cost a bomb to repair it. Don’t know the police is chasing bad guy or racing at the middle of the night.


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