Thursday, July 1, 2010

Best Place to Visit Once in a LifeTime!

Look at this magnificent island! It look amazing and it would be fun to retired there and have fun.

real_paradise_on_640_03 real_paradise_on_640_04

It look like we are at heaven or something like that!


It is like we are in a private island! We can go naked in the island and run everywhere like a mad person with to worry people calling police or laugh at us.


Wow! Look at the sea it look crystal clear it is more clean than our tap water that can come out teh tarik from the tap. It is like a dream come true.


But make sure that Google Map do not make you as their picture of the island naked! You can be famous in no time.


It look so amazing like all the island is floating in the middle of the sea! Can view anything


In Dubai they sell small island to rich people even beckam own one! Hope one day i can go there and live for a day is more than enough! It will be surely in my list what the thing i should do before i DIED

real_paradise_on_640_17 real_paradise_on_640_18

One in a life time experience! But if you are rich i know you can stay there like everyday. Like me staying there is like climbing KLCC naked or something close. We should see it before it gone because global warming have affect this place and sooner or later it will be harder and more expensive to see this kind of place.

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