Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Do you believe so? Because most of the people that they share everything into their facebook account even where they study,house address, phone number and so on. On the same time this make them vulnerable to criminal and that is why it is so popular that criminal are finding their victim in FACEBOOK! Because they are so excited to share their information at the internet it is because some of them is finding a jackpot that a a guy/girl would call them up if there are interested to them or just to let them know.


Mostly people are naïve would be the people that is new to Facebook people that they would fill up anything that Facebook say. People that have been using Facebook for long period of time would know how to prevent it from happening. Mostly people that would be added a lot would be the profile picture of the person is hot,scandal issues and so on that is one way to attract people attention. Some of the people don’t even know that information that they put out there is risking their life away.

For example if they post up pictures like showing cleavage or doing something that is not appropriate people can use against you, it is like this obviously if the picture is nice people would have save into their computer already and suddenly one day you are infamous they can use this picture at you instead. Not only facebook but other type of social network like blogging,twitter and so on.

Rachel KumRachel KumRachel Kum

Just like the Miss Singapore 2009 Rachel Kum that create controversy because this picture was found in her blog I think. That is why when you are famous people would try to dig or find something bad about you so that they can share with the world. That is why what you share on Facebook like pictures,comment and so on are putting info into the net that cannot be removed or delete if you know what I mean. It can reproduce million time so I am trying to say that what you put in the net it will stay there forever and ever.

This would risk you to be blackmail because of the picture it will sound like this if you don’t pay me this I would share this scandalous picture to the world and would destroy your fame for good. They say that Malaysia have the most friends in social network they believe that Malaysian accept most of the friend request that even they don’t know the person just like a stranger adding you. For Facebook average of friend that they have would be around 200++ and spent on facebook about 7 to 9 hours per day. It is like taking half of our life away.

SLEEP = 8 hours

Facebook = 8 Hours


Total = 16 hours

Free = 8 hours

According to source believe that even a simple information that are put up on Facebook is not safe like birth dates,full name(some of the people put their full name Surprised smile). Because all of this information that are put up they can use this information and picture to do a fake account that look similar to trick people to add into the fake account. I have encounter this many times mostly it happen on famous people or the girl is freaking hot or the guy is freaking handsome. There have been report that in Malaysia there is gang and drugs related that working around the clock in Facebook to recruit people to join them and even you report to police it will be hard to detect it is because do not need to register with your real identity whatsoever.

Not only about your personal information but application that you use on Facebook!


Some people even let people know every second where they go with foursqure it is ok to share with your friend but with stranger it is a no no. Because this application is telling people what is your daily routine if they interested to do whatsoever to you they just wait there where you usually do and kidnap you or stalk you. The most famous application that people would use on Facebook would obviously games application if the game is famous if there tweak here and there people would notice it.


If you allowed application that are not trusted you are giving the application to access your personal information, even send email as they like and post anything as their like to your call. Most of the time this application is been linked outside Facebook that the risky part that your information is flying around in the internet without you noticing it.

I am trying to say that anything you share in your Facebook should be minimal to reduce the risk of cybercrime and anything you share or join(games) is putting yourself in Danger and maybe your friend too. Mostly people that are vulnerable to cybercrime is Malaysian so you will be one of them don’t simply accept friend request if you see the guy is hand some or the girl is freaking hot possibility the picture is FAKE!

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๑۩۞۩๑kk๑۩۞۩๑ said...

Strongly agree with what you said.
Cyber Crime is increase dramatically recently,and they like to find victim in FB.

At the same time, Privacy has become a BIG Problem TODAY~

p/s: haih..what to do~
p/p/s: i'm a FB "zombie" too.. xD