Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What Happen in 2010 Stays in 2010! It is OFFICIALLY 2011



*Ahem* a bit late but nonetheless but 2010 is the turning point of my life and I have learn a lot from my experience and friends come and go some of them just use you and throw away you later on. Until today I still can’t get out from my head would be if I say something bad behind you whatsoever to people if people know you like this people would not believe such rumor. Do you get my point?

It is not about I want to say something bad but I am just releasing what in my heart to the people close to me and their mouth a bit itchy here and there and they spread it around not I call them to spread around. I have say many times that life have their ups and down it is not about the past but the experience that it count. Slowly Slowly times goes by I does miss the old days where I study last minutes rushing my assignment.

I think this semester will be different no more calculator or counting for me and to face reality that I would be experiencing the outside world how work really is and meet many kind of people that can change my life for good. That is what my lecture say enjoy as much as possible in college because you will think back how much you enjoy in college when you are in your working life. After that we will find our life partner that will be with us forever.

There is another 6 months to go before I officially would start working and for this last 6 month I would enjoy my life as much as possible and on the same time keeping in my mind about study not playing around here and there until forget about my study.


 People change for good and people would not let you take advantage of them day by day! Because we all learn from mistake and we would not make the same mistake all over again. Anything that happen at 2010 is ALL EXPERIENCE and the PAST and 2011 to turn a new leaf. Life is about changing if a person don’t change means they do not learn anything day in day out.

So some people would say that you have change a lot yada yada but life is about changing!!!!


Don’t you agree? People who makes us happy are never the people you expect that is why LIFE is so ENJOYING because you will not know the person until you talk to them and learn from it. Because from the person look it will not say anything doesn’t mean the person is handsome they will have a good heart. Just take Cristiano Ronaldo as example having a baby because fooling with girl here and there even PARIS HILTON.

Life is not about how it look in the outside but what is INSIDE! If you are too shy(PAISEH) you will not learn anything or get anything from it because life is not about waiting for thing but chasing for it just like you want to get a BF or GF! If you don’t tell them they will never know until you regret for GOOD! Or too far to be reach or it is too late to do anything


That is what I believe and what I have said even you want to do the same no problem because it is what you believe and not what other people believe. LIFE IS LIFE you can say whatever you want it is because it is your mouth. We should not trust a person easily because we do not know their real purpose behind it their mouth can sound sweet but the end would not be as sweet as that.

Even they come up to you say something or did you something stand up for what you believe in even if it means standing alone! Going through life there is a lot of obstacles and people would not follow you all along and it is how strong we are that how far we can go.


This is 3 easy step ABOUT LIFE! Because thing happen for a reason if a person say something about you because the person know that telling you will not even dare or care to listen it is better for the people around you know it and telling you better. Even the rumor is not fake or real people can judge by themselves if it is real or not you can say whatever you want but at the end people would know who you really are.

Because at the END everyday life you are portraying what the person saw first before other people get a chances to see it themselves!!!



I hope that my READER enjoy my blog in 2010 and I hope to IMPROVE IN 2011 Devil


Some thing will not last forever but something do! Such as some friendship don’t last forever and some does! Even for Love some love does last forever and some doesn’t! If people say you change a lot just say you change for the GOOD!!!

- For this year of 2011 I would want to find ………… that can change my ………. <<<< FIND OUT YOURSELF!!!

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