Friday, January 14, 2011

Download Now my Ovi BLOG APPLICATION


It is so easy to download down into your Nokia phone just a click away!! My Ovi Blog Application URL is It is easy just click on the right side of the bar top right just click it and download down my application. For now it have only 1 blog feed but don’t worry I am just waiting nokia to approve my application and my feed would automatically would be up.


For this feed consist of 3 BLOG:




So meaning if you download my Ovi Blog application you have a chance to have my blog feed in your phone instead no need to find the bookmark or type my URL! It is just an application just click it and you can see all my blog feed. So it is easy now to read my blog not only min but other blog that have created the application for their blog.

So just bare with me for like 1 week or so I would update more and on the same time waiting for Nokia Ovi to approve my feeds than you are goood to go!! So everything is just a click away Angel


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