Sunday, January 9, 2011

Facebook Will be SHUTDOWN OFFICIALLY on 15 March 2011


Have you not hear that Facebook will be closing down on 15 march 2011 it say before 15 march 2011 make sure that you remove all the pictures that you want to keep because all your photo,notes,video and etc. would be removed and you will not see it ever again. So according to Facebook Corporation they remind us to remove all personal information at our Facebook for our own good.

They say themselves one and  only Mark Zuckerberg that it would shout down Facebook at 15 March 2011 due to too much stressful because of Facebook not only that it also ruin his life because of building Facebook from scratch. He say that he want to end the madness by shutting it down for good so that he can do something that he dream of.  Mark also said that exactly on 15 March 2011 will not able to access their account anymore whatsoever because the whole site would be shutdown.


He say that people would not be upset because he is shutting down Facebook for good and it is hard for him to close down Facebook because he have spent so much money and time for it. A lot of people feel shock,angry,upset and any idiotic expression after hearing the news that some people spent so much time in Facebook it is like Facebook is their life without Facebook there is no life. Facebook is like an another world for a lot of people not only you can connect or know other people but you can play games.

But a lot of parent are happy that Facebook for good because it have ruin people life because of Facebook so it is to close it down before thing get worst. Some of the parent say that it is good Facebook is closing down so that his kids would not the whole day staring on a computer because of Facebook than their study. People are criticizing Mark Zuckerberg are running away multi billion project to make Facebook bigger than before because people out there don’t have such opportunity to do so.

Mark Zuckerberg reply by saying that he do not care about the billion dollar he just want back his normal life.

I REPEAT FACEBOOK IS CLOSING DOWN 15 MARCH 2011 IS A HOAX OR FAKE DON’T BELIEVE THIS RUMOR. IT HAVE BEEN CONFIRM THAT FACEBOOK WOULD NOT BE CLOSING DOWN SO SOON.  So all of you would be relieved still can still see or stare on hot chick on facebook that showing their cleavage but actually it is not them. Become a pervert or whore to follow or add the babes of your life because you do not have a LIFE and do not want to find your own Girlfriend!!!


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ken said...

dude.. it's fake :)

FeeQ said...

its fake. in order for them to increase the market share