Sunday, January 9, 2011

Homeless Man! Become Famous Overnight with GOLDEN VOICE

Have you read the news that about a guy that gonna be rich overnight because of his VOICE. That is why in life there is always second chance in everything but we should not misuse it because it will be your last and you will regret that you never use full advantage of it. Some people in life they do not get second chance in something but Ted Williams the person in the picture have second chance in life after drugs destroy his LIFE.

He have been living on the street for a long period of time and he is a poor homeless man on the road but with that voice he can be a millionaire in no time and he become an overnight sensation when people hear his voice is extraordinary and on the same time so talented. Than he have the chance to reunite with his 90 year old mother again after news spread about the person with the golden voice is actually your son.


Ted the homeless man actually staying a tent on the side of the road at Ohio. He say that he can’t imagine that his voice worth million and it is a big surprise that change his life for good from a beggar to a SUPERSTAR overnight a lot of people do not have a chance like me. when he was interview in one of the studio about his golden voice. Actually his old career he was actually a radio DJ but because of drugs and alcohol make him lost everything.

That is why DRUGS n ALCOHOL is DANGEROUS not only it can ruin your life but your LOVE ONE TOO! When you want to take drugs or alcohol please think about other people first before you do a stupid action that can destroy your future and people that you will hurt.

He is a HOT DEMAND now anywhere he run people surely would want to hire him better than a person having a MASTER or PHD! He is actually 53 years old still not that old and have opportunity to expand his career for good. He have been offered many job such as by NFL to be the commentator,NBA Cleavaland and many more. But the important fact is that he raise to fame or people notice about him would be while he is begging for money on the same time showing off his voice, that what attract people attention.


He say that he have been offered a lot of job and he feel that this is his second chance in life he would accept it with open hands and he say that in 5 years time in the future he would imagine that he would have his own radio station like Ryan Saearchest and having his own apartment. He have a bad criminal record such as theft,drug abuse, forgery and so on. The crime that he have done it is because of supporting drugs because no money there is no drugs so for the sake of drugs he would rob or steal just to buy drugs.

He flew to New York and staying in one of the hotel at Central Park because he plan to meet his mother Julia that is staying in Brooklyn and said that when he was addicted to drugs his mother was always with him to fight against drugs. He say that now he have the chance to turn his life around hope that she can live long enough to see what I can do in few years time to make her proud of his son than begging for money at the side of the road.

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His mom say that it is the time to see his son turn a new leaf and because he is so talented on what he is doing long ago he was in a good family but slowly time go by we getting poorer and poorer. But now his life is more meaningful because it is better than mixing people that would not give you a good future. He say that his life going downward was in the year of 1996 when he stay to drink a lot of alcohol than one thing lead to another than by that time he is addicted to marijuana and cocaine after that he stop his radio career for good. He regret that he did not take care well of his 9 children consist of 7 daughter and two son that is living in Columbus area.

Just watch this VIDEO and LISTEN to his voice you will be BLOWN AWAY!

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Your Humble Servant said...

i saw this story on al-jazeera too... his voice is just classic broadcaster voice... wow

Anonymous said...

Tremendous work! You have got the talent of writing beautifully. I personally liked the way it has been drafted especially the accurate flow of skilful thoughts.And yes i have book mark your site .

Ajlounyinjurylaw said...

Incredible how ones life can change in a split second.

Holly said...

Everyone has crazy talents.