Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Future of Portable PC from Razer SwitchBlade

This post is not about guys only but even for girls it is telling you where the future is going! Because nowadays technology is developing so fast maybe another a year or two there will be alien robot running around here and there!!! Technology is developing but risk is getting bigger and bigger if you know what I mean!

Have you imagine that PC have change us a lot from laptop to tablet something like ipad have change our life for a better future. Even for this Razor Switchblade it change how gaming will be in a Portable PC. It will obviously catch attention all the gamer around the world. What so special about this PC would be the keyboard can change the button according to the games meaning that the button would atomically change according what game are you playing.

Example you are playing counter strike the W,S,A,D,space bar,1,2,3,4 that what is needed to play the game will appear in the keyboard. If there is extra will appear empty. If you don’t know what I am trying to say let me show you some of the “Pictures”


Now you see know what I mean? If still you don’t understand than watch the VIDEO!!!

Here is the video that will surely blow you away!!!

This revolution laptop is only 7 inch it is as big as Samsung Galaxy Tab! Nowadays you don’t need to have a big laptop to have a powerful computer nowadays a small one can the same par as the bigger laptop. Not only that it come with touchscreen and even the PC can pull it in straight line like a standing up PC!

Surely it is a MUST BUY FOR THE YEAR 2011!!!


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