Wednesday, January 5, 2011

If I Were the Green Hornet

Green Hornet

If I am a green Hornet I would stop crime with….

my ability and skill that I have because obviously I would want to kill the person that killed my father it is like REVENGE! Have you not heard REVENGE is SWEET it is EVEN SWEETER if you are the one that doing it. Can say that in this world with corruption here and there people keep complaining say this and that people still do not take action until it is too late some innocent life have been killed.

Because sometimes we need to take the law into our hand even we know that it is against the law yada yada yada! If you wait for the government or authorities it will be END OF THE YEAR ALREDY BY NOW JUST TO WAITING FOR THEM TO DO IT! Becoming the green hornet would help me to fight crime without people knowing my identity because sometimes we have the ability to do it just we are not doing the right job to fight crime and to save the innocent life out there.


What make me love this movie ^^


This is more like it because it is not like Batman got super car here and there it is fake this movie is like something real. Ordinary car that ordinary people can drive and modify here and there. But the car look ordinary it is not as ordinary as it look!!!

In this movie we are not doing crime but we are fighting crime even it destroy the place here and there but it is making it is a better place lesser criminal and thief run freely without any FEAR!!! Than more thing I love this movie would be the joke and the humor in the movie would obviously blow you away.

It is a new year obviously want to watch something FUNNY!!!


One more thing would be the first time I am seeing Jay Chou is doing a ENGLISH MOVIE even his English do sound weird sometimes DON’T LAUGH that it is better than some people don’t even know how to talk fluently. Just remember watching his movie INITIAL D that make him even more famous by now. I think Jay Chou would be  the next Jackie Chan if you know what MEAN!

In a movie without girls it don’t mean anything right? So have not watched any movie related to Cameron Diaz since last year so it is a new year LET WATCH More movies of her not tut tut but BLOCKBUSTER MOVIES!


SOme people keep getting old they look older but Cameron Diaz don’t look old at all she just look hotter when she grew older that is why she is American Sweetheart she is my Sweetheart that say “Loving a Celebrity that do not know you EXIST”


IT is one the must watch MOVIE FOR 2011 if not it will not be so 2011 anymore!!! Not only the movie is AWESOME but with


With the EXPLOSIVES would BLOW YOU AWAY! Not only that…….


THE FLYING KICK WILL BLOW YOU AWAY TOO….. 1 more thing that you shouldn’t miss would be…


THE GUNS and the BABE I think I add a bit extra about the BABES! It is not a movie call SEXY CHICK WITH GUN it is JAY CHOU n SETH ROGAN with GUN!!! Not only chick get hold on guns but guys too.

If you have not watched trailer yet you should watch the EXPLOSION,ACTION,Cameron Diaz,Kicking,Flying,Guns will surely blow you away straight into TONG SAMPAH MBPJ STYLE!


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