Monday, January 24, 2011

Richard Sanden Have Sex With a DEAD PERSON

I do not know what is the man is doing! He is like putting his little wiener into a tree hole that will not move whatsoever. It is better to dig himself a hole at the grass so that people will not get harm when he is doing his ahem business. He must me doing more than having sex with a dead person because he hid a video that at last police found it and it change everything totally.

It is better to buy him a sex toy doll from Japan and play it all day long so that innocent people will not be KILLED in the PROCESS!


(This is the guy Richard Elwood Sanden)

Here how it goes Police say that Richard Elwood Sanden call police by saying that his girlfriend is dead when they both are having sex and while having sex he notice that she suddenly stop breathing that is why he is panicking to call the police. Than he try to do CPR on her and she is still not breathing whatsoever.Obviously people would not believe what he say it is because FIRST if the person is dead people will know the person have is dead before having sex with them and SECOND sex is enjoying impossible that person is dead from SEX maybe it is from something else.

The victim Rebecca Whitehead was dead when he have sex with her yeeewzzz this person have PROBLEMS! Than police feel suspicious when police arrive he try to hide video equipment. At first he was only charged at $4,500 but was change to $500,000 after the police watched the video recording. He was charged with necrophilia it is something about having sex with a dead corpse not only that he was charge with marijuana too maybe he was too high on that time that is why he do not notice what he is doing.

Necrophilia Anime Girl

He told the police that he met this girl from a dating site and have been living with him more than 3 month already. The death of Rebecca is still under investigation and waiting for the report of toxicology and autopsy result to know the cause of death.

That is why people say that do not meet people online from facebook and dating site because we do not know the real person intention and their background so it is sometimes dangerous to meet people on a blind date. Even though people have said times and times again but people still do it again and again. The cause is maybe they are desperate to find love that is why love cannot be rush until we find the RIGHT PERSON than only we can stop searching and start what to do next for our future.


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