Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Jerome Taylor Trying using Gun(IPHONE) to ROB a RESTAURANT!

I am not sure what Jerome Taylor is really doing but Iphone is not to rob a bank or a restaurant but it is a chick magnet. If you have read my blog long enough there is a post that percentage is higher a girl would date a guy that have an iphone than don’t have it all. Because it is 2011 iphone not the only phone is hot but Samsung GALAXY S just sold 10 million unit in 7 months.

It prove that doesn’t mean you are ahead in something people can’t be as good as you, just like Nokia and now it is IPHONE and this year it is HTC,Blackberry,Samsung and more would make our life more troublesome to choose which phone to buy because all of them is the BEESSSTTTT!!! Here is the link for girls would date guys with iphone than other brand.

Guys with iPHONE is more attractive

The story is like this a guy have been accused that he robbing a restaurant with an iphone. The guy that trying to rob the restaurant name is Jerome Taylor and he is only 20 years old. He enter the restaurant wearing a mask and try to wave a small gun to the people and on the same time asking for money. Than when the cooks saw what is happening the cooks straight away take out their own weapon kitchen knife and trying to scared the robber instead.

Than obviously Jerome the robber can’t do anything but to say that he was just kidding only and the purpose he is robbing the restaurant it is because he need money for his kids. On the same time people showing sympathy to him he run away from the restaurant. But not long from that police caught him and bring him to custody. Than he told to the police actually he do not own a gun but is actually an IPHONE that he is using to rob the restaurant just now.


Even the restaurant do not want to press charges against him but the police charged him with attempted robbery. Picture as you can see above it is how the person look like. If you in trouble you can ask help from your friends and family or the authority. That is why when you are in trouble than you will know who will be your true/real friends that will help you when you in trouble.

But I will say when you in trouble about 80 % of your friends will runaway and only 20 % will be on your side that will help you out. That is life people come close to you or be friends with you because you are good of something that is FACT OF LIFE!!!


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