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Anywhere you go there would be new way people would find a way to  steal your pin,cars and so on. There is good and bad about technology, if we are not careful we can lost everything in minutes. That is why technology should be ahead of people(thief) so that they would not easy to hack or steal so easily and not only that people should be aware of the surrounding like the news or something odds at the machine.

If you have read newspaper or article online you would have heard many way thief install thing or way at the ATM Machine to steal your PIN and so on. Here is some of the way:


As you can see the guy is holding something that plug into where you put your card! When you plug your card into it would steal details from your card and pin just a system intercept it but you can do the normal transaction without a problem only the problem is that your details of your card have been stolen <<<< HOPE YOU UNDERSTAND ^^


Do you notice the box on the left? Obviously you will not notice it and not only that it is so close  to the ATM Machine!


Actually it is a small camera hole to record down your password! The first picture steal your ATM card details and this small camera steal your password so in a few minutes all your money in the ATM Machine will be gone for good all your hard work is down the drain. So people said already prevention is better than cure because when the money is gone it will not come back anymore. So be really careful because you will not know the next time how they would do it.

Thief is human too so they is smart enough to find a new way to trick people to fall into their trap! So be AWARE whenever you go even you are drunk or HIGH or EMO!! Not only about ATM Machine but there is a whole big world to be cheated!

(Wow don’t know that in the United States there is a mirror so that you can look who is behind youAngel)


The new thief tactic to steal your ATM Machine easily without you noticing. This news have been spreading around for a few days already if you didn’t know continue to read to know more details about it. Yaya ATM Machine make our life easier to take out money everything is easy doesn’t mean the outcome would be easy you are putting yourself at risk. That is why taking the easy way would not be good even though it take a shorter time to do so.

Even there is Camera(CCTV) around you can’t guarantee that you are safe because thief is always prepare early obvious the thief would not go into a bank to rob without wearing a masks or show a big smile to the camera. Most of the time Fake devices install the ATM Machine it would not be detectable it is because it look so similar.

fake atm keypad

Do you notice the front and the back look almost the same?  You still did not see the thing that you should see! Look BELOW

ATM thief

Have you seen it? I think sometimes when you are at ATM Machine your hand need to be itchy a bit touch here and there so that you can accidentally notice something that shouldn’t be there!

Here is the Story:

Most of the time when we are typing our pin you try our best to use our small Asian body(Yada Yada some of them is BIG) to block the person behind us to not let them to see our pin and how much we are taking because you will never know that the person behind you is a thief. This is the latest tactic that the thief is using to steal your details but first even you cover your password it is not what from behind but what is under it that make the different.

The Keyboard look exactly the same as the original you will notice it if you have heard it somewhere or you have encounter before or you are the thief. It is just like a normal keyboard that you are interacting but the special fake keyboard is stealing your pin number in real time. It say that the fake keyboard can be easily make you can get this spare part from your old MP3,phone,computer,TV and so on to make this good looking fake keyboard.

A few minutes after your transaction all your money would be gone and you will say why the bad luck encounter on you only. But for now in Malaysia you are safe but do not wait too long before it arrive. In European country they are using different type of technology that the chip and pin that they used. I think Malaysia should have it as soon as possible so that we can be one step ahead from the thief.


Another thing about ATM Machine not only about thief but how dirty it is! Just imagine how many people have touches the machine and never been clean before when it first arrive. Some of the people have just when to toilet and straight to the ATM Machine. <<< Never Wash Hand

According to scientist that they found out that Public ATM Machine that it is more dirty than toilet and germs that crawling around it. They are trying to say that public toilet is at least they clean because it clean daily but ATM Machine is opposite of it. It say that the bacteria that they found that can cause some bad illnesses and diarrhea. It would be obviously last thing on the people mind that ATM Machine is so dirty that after touching ATM Machine we would sometimes dig our nose, touch other people and so on.

Not only ATM Machine is the dirtiest thing but there is many other thing but it is important that whatever that we touch we should wash our hand first people touching other thing because you will not know what type of germs is running around that area. The easiest solution is to wear a GLOVE

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