Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Computer Have Change HOW WE WRITE!

Computer really change our life a lot! Just imagine what Computer have done for us not only we can watch movies,play games and so on but we can surf the net and importantly is social networking. Long ago people needs and want was a house,clothes,food(drinks <<< this 3 only!!! But nowadays it is more obviously is electricity and one more thing would be the internet no internet no life as easy as that.

But can say that computer prove that we can do something extraordinary that we can’t imagine sometimes!!!


Can say during kindergarten we learn alphabet and how to draw from A to Z! Than when we are in high school there is no computer just everything related writing with our own hand. Than when we are in college everything is computerized we don’t need to write notes whatsoever because we can even google it or already been prepared by the lecture and even the assignment is using computer so we are not using our hand to write anymore, day by day our handwriting would be uglier and uglier each day.

But the worst part would be when we would want to take our final exam obviously it would be hand writing and our hand writing would look like cakar ayam AKA like a chicken scratch just imagine how bad does it look like. I think it would look like the picture above!!!! maybe even worst. But computer with keyboard change everything nowadays we are not challenging whose hand writing is the nicest.

But to see who can type the fastest because the computer have choices of pattern handwriting that we can choose from!

I would admit that last time my handwriting is quite nice but nowadays hardly write my handwriting is worst than a kindergarten I think my A B C D can’t even write straight will cacat left or right surely ^^

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