Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dentist New Way to Reduce Pain Naturally with Girls!

Have you not heard? We don’t need any injection or drugs to make our gums relax when dentist want to do surgery on our teeth. The latest method that are quite effective would be to have nurses wearing  sexy clothes and extra deep cleavage so that the patient would not feel the pain. But I think this method will normally on works on guys for girls maybe they need to have hot guys with 6 pack to do it.

This is not a bullshit but it really have this kind of services in Germany Munich! I know you like what you see ^^

Behind of this mastermind business plan would be one and only Dr Marie-Catherine Klarkowski say that the purpose of having sexy nurse would be importantly to reduce or no fear at all when I am doing my work because you can see on TV or your experience when you are young that you will be scared whenever the dentist get near to your mouth. Because you will know that it will hurt really really bad that you will jump off from the chair. To add icing on the cake the cleavage of the nurse would obviously shock the patient tremendously without any pain whatsoever I think they will fall in love to the girls or the shop.

Anybody that go into his shop will not have bad dreams anymore and would feel like paradise when they visit the dentist. Do you still remember whenever you enter the surgery room with the dentist they will call you to open your mouth and few second later they will call you to open your mouth even bigger right? But they say that when the customer/patient enter the shop their mouth are already wide open.

They can’t confirm that seeing the sexy nurse would reduce the pain on their patient but they can say that after introducing the sexy nurse their customer increase drastically and obviously all their customer is MEN as you know MEN is a bit pervert sometimes.

Sexy Nurse

The idea come out from OKtoberfest it is when German drink beer until they drop on that certain days that girls would be serving all the guys and they can carry more than 6 big cup in one time the girls they are STRONG! The idea is good it is because during Oktoberfest most of the guys there keep staring on the girls sexy body and cleavage.

According to Dr Klarkowski say that nowadays competition is everywhere and she know some of her friends decorated and change the theme of their shop into many thing like ALPHINE lounge with a fireplace and so on. It say that some of the shop even have nurses that is wearing Mickey Mouse costume and many more it say that a costume can cost up to Euro 400++ (RM1,600+++)

Dr. Klarkowski say that she like the new outfit the Oktoberfest outfit it is because not only it look nice and sexy but it is a new outfit to wear when we are working. It say that a new type of device(It is a MP3 Player) that release a sound of drilling it trying to mean is that nowadays technology is so advance whatever the dentist is doing surgery on us will be quite quiet and in the future it will not have even a beep when the dentist is doing surgery.


Scary Scary!!!!

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