Thursday, December 10, 2009

Paypal Will be in Malaysia Soon

PayPal is officially in Malaysia
PayPal is now officially in Malaysia, although it took them quite some time, it’s always better late than never. This means that PayPal now support payments in Malysian Ringgit and you can transfer funds in your PayPal account directly to any local bank account. These new services now gives Malaysian buyers and sellers a better option to choose from when doing ecommerce transactions, and gain fast and convenient access to their funds.

“In recent research we conducted amongst Malaysian small businesses, cash-flow issues were cited as one of the major challenges faced by almost half of those surveyed. The introduction of our bank withdrawal service will help ease this pain for Malaysian PayPal sellers and is just one of the testaments to the investment we are deploying across Asia as well as our commitment to bring innovative, safer and more convenient solutions to Malaysia.” -- Mario Shiliashki, General Manager of PayPal Southeast Asia and India.

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This announce means good news to Malaysian entrepreneurs because it’s a low-cost option to accept payments online. PayPal provides high security and is trusted among users around the world, ranking number one in countries such as United Kingdom and Australia. It also provides greater convenience for buyers as compared to traditional online payment such as keying in credit card information directly onto the merchant’s website.

“With the new functionality, we’re also excited about the ability to further deepen our relationships with many of our existing partners such as MOL AccessPortal Berhad, iPay88, NetBuilder, Neowave, and SeatAdvisor. We look forward to continuing to launch joint programmes with them to deliver industry-leading solutions together wich enable ecommerce for Malaysian business.” -- Brad Paterson, Head of Merchant Services for PayPal Asia.

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I think paypal to arrive in Malaysia will have a lot of benefit. Because normally we want to buy stuff online we need to use credit and stuff but now that is not a problem. We now can buy the whole internet if we wanted to do it.

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