Thursday, December 10, 2009

Pervert to shoot Girl Up skirt

Group of perverts tried to shoot upskirts of S'pore Race Queens

The man in the picture above was one of more than 10 photographers who tried to snap upskirt shots of five Singapore Race Queens at the Macau Grand Prix recently.
A STOMPer, who caught the 'pervert photographers' in action, said:
"More than 10 pervert photographers chose to shoot the Race Queens in a distasteful manner!

"As a precaution, the Race Queens wore shorts underneath their skirts."
The five models from Singapore, who were with Jeffrey Chung Models agency, were part of a group of international models which heated up the race tracks at the Macau Grand Prix 2009.



It happen a lot of already this kind of stuff even in Malaysia. Maybe that person is desperate very long never get laid and get high of taking girl underpants what a loser lol. Make he need to do a better stuff than taking picture people underwear.

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