Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Resident Evil 5 Macho and Hottie

Chris the Macho Guy! MUSCLE



Picture of Sheva the person that follow the Macho Guy around.

Sheva Alomar - Resident Evil 5 Concept ArtSheva Alomar - Resident Evil 5 Concept Art

Just played the game! This is my first time playing Resident Evil Franchise because last time I scared to play scary game. But now it is quite interesting and fun to play with some more got a hottie in the game that attract me to play more haha!

You all should try this game Out something shouldn’t miss, i know i am slow playing this game because a lot thing to do then study everyday.

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1 Lovely Comment:

Willy C. said...

I haven't played it too. Man, the graphic is just awesome ain't it.