Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Pay to Be Killed

S'porean killed in JB carwash: Malaysian coffin too big for Mandai furnace

Imagine the rude shock a family got when they found that the coffin from Malaysia containing their loved one’s body could not fit into the crematorium furnace.
That’s exactly what happened to the bereaved family of Seow Wei Hua, a Singaporean killed in an accident in Johor Bahru.
The Singaporean was run over by a reversing car while at a car wash in JB on November 5.

STOMPer Ac was surprised to read in the Chinese papers of how the family had to buy a new coffin just moments before cremation.
According to reports, Seow Wei Hua’s coffin was bought from Malaysia as the body had been embalmed there.

AC thus wonders if it is common for bereaved families in Singapore to find that the coffins they have bought cannot fit into the crematorium.
On December 9, The New Paper also reported that while Mandai Crematorium only has record of one other similar case in the past three years, a worker at the crematorium had said that this is not an unusual problem.

In addition, Mr. Victor Hoo from Singapore Funeral Services told the paper that while the National Environment Agency regulates the sizes of coffins which can be used here, subcontractors might be unfamiliar with the rules.
In an email dated December 9, Stomper AC says:

“Chinese tabloids reported that the man, who was killed in the JB carwash, was embalmed in JB and placed in a Malaysian coffin.
“Alas it was too big to fit the Mandai columbarium.

“The undertaker tried to cut off edges to fit but failed so he had to drive off to bring a new coffin.
“The corpse had to be transferred to a new coffin.
“This issue is something that many Singaporeans do not seem to know about.”

Source: Stomp


This is the Car of the Victim


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