Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tiger Woods Sex Mistresses

There are more than 7 Women but the others are not official yet. Feel So sad for her wife so beautiful but her husband cheated her. But lucky she is still young and capable.

Some people are of the belief that only super successful black men can snag a white wife.

Will List Down Who are the #7 Women that he have SEX with!

Number #9 and #10

Girl 9 and 10 can’t be confirm do not where anything much about them and can’t really confirm who are them.

Number #8 Michael O'Quinn

Can’t find any type of image of Her!

Number #7 Holly Sampson

Holly Sampson

Actually Holly is a pornstar! Holly Did not confirm or denied that she have a relationship with Tiger Woods.

Number #6 Cori Rist

I think they met at a New York Night Club

Number #5 Mindy Lawton

Say that she have a 14 month relationship with Tiger. Lawton take their affair seriously, that why she go to the news to tell everybody make she is pissed of  the incident

Number #4 Jamie Jungers

She is a Las Vegas entertainer model. She came forward to tell about the affair

Number #3 Kalika Moquin

She say she have nothing to do with Tiger and she is the marketing manager of  The Bank Nightclub at Bellagio in Las Vegas

Number #2 Jaimie Grubbs

She is a San Diego cocktail waitress who gave the recording of the phone call to the news.

Number #1 Rachel Uchitel 

She is the The National Enquirer of the NightClub admit after a few women told the news about the affair

Feel Sad For Tiger Woods Wife! She done so much she do not deserve to be treated like this. Hope She do the right thing =]

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Anonymous said...

erm.. they all seem to have implants.