Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Vin Diesel WHEELMAN PC Review



The Game is Fun and enjoying to play. It have the adrenaline rush. This Game is like something of GTA but it is more fun it have driving skill, shooting skill.I mean by skill it is there are different way of shooting and driving such as in the car you can turn your 360 to shoot a person behind you. Other than that When you are driving you can jump from your car to an another if you need a faster car or your car is on fire.

The Storyline are quite interesting you will not expect what will happen next. That is what are fun about this game. The Movie and Music of the Game is nice and interesting are not boring.


Sometimes is take a lot of try to finish a mission is because it is very hard. Control are not really good is because they use shooting and evade on the mouse and sometimes you will click both of them and make your car are hard to control.

Storyline: 3.5/5

Quite Nice but is not extraordinary or something

Graphic: 4/5

Their graphic of the game is GOOD nothing BAD

Sound: 4/5

Everything is GOOD nothing bad to comment

Overall: 4/5

Would Recommend to the People that Love to Play GTA style Gameplay. Would not Recommend to people that Love to play hello kitty Game.

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Fu yooo..
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I loved your blog. Thank you.