Sunday, August 15, 2010

Don’t you think girls doing YOGA make them more attractive?

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Don’t you all agree girl that know yoga will have higher percentage guys liking them because they are more flexible and their body are more sexy because if their body is not nice how will they gonna do yoga. Other than that wearing bikini and tight clothes make them look more attractive when they are doing yoga.


People believe that female are better in yoga than guys because their joint,body or something specific are more flexible and softer comparing to guys hard like a stone for them to be like that will take a longer period of time. It is about you want it or don’t.

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Sometimes you hear that yoga is just move up and down. By just moving that you will sweat too it will surprise you but it really happen. If you don’t believe how about sitting on the floor and do crazy move to see it really works or not.

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Mostly celebrities that you see daily in the movie most of them do yoga just like Heidi Montag with that two ball she have will make all the guy in the room go GA GA like LADY GAGA!




Even dog do Yoga! Don’t laugh

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dark angel said...

Fashion loving people are choosing Yoga because it is the best exercise what can be done at home easily.
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