Sunday, August 8, 2010

PC Fair (II) Showgirl,Model 6-8 August 2010

If you want to see than just see! Don’t complain too much this pervert this and that! I know you want ittttt! All this picture is not taken from me it is taken from different type of sources

40454_1585939928130_1224731175_31654129_4823788_n 40513_1585936168036_1224731175_31654094_1913628_n 40513_1585936208037_1224731175_31654095_7429791_n 40513_1585936328040_1224731175_31654098_569865_n 40513_1585936368041_1224731175_31654099_3679284_n 40565_1242324837543_1812013243_487834_3242826_n 40572_1242342957996_1812013243_487959_3565850_n 40590_1242313437258_1812013243_487782_1010901_n 40823_1242344318030_1812013243_487972_483133_n 40848_1242342357981_1812013243_487947_4952574_n35957_1241871266204_1812013243_487087_5499070_n  37788_1241868546136_1812013243_487073_4274061_n38635_1241868666139_1812013243_487074_7375872_n38658_1242342117975_1812013243_487944_5098806_n38746_1242289796667_1812013243_487720_6987653_n38796_1242619404907_1812013243_488573_3274058_n38899_1241869386157_1812013243_487080_5824578_n38953_1242343638013_1812013243_487965_5831091_n39043_1242324477534_1812013243_487830_1382835_n38928_1242324637538_1812013243_487832_757840_n39193_1242343958021_1812013243_487968_1724748_n39621_1242619164901_1812013243_488570_4782923_n40077_1242354918295_1812013243_488015_819990_n40078_1242618364881_1812013243_488563_368185_n39732_1241868866144_1812013243_487076_6047228_n40196_1242618284879_1812013243_488562_4298864_n40355_1242618884894_1812013243_488568_151472_n40225_1242617644863_1812013243_488556_374818_n40321_1242289876669_1812013243_487721_4154956_n Capture  Capture3 Capture4 Capture5 Capture7 Capture8 Capture9  dsc0004yl IMG_0746 IMG_3122 IMG_3169             img9946p IMGP7320    avira  6 33489_1585938608097_1224731175_31654117_386742_n 33489_1585938728100_1224731175_31654120_6730392_n 39133_1585934768001_1224731175_31654083_1328507_n           


The hottest babe in PC Fair now is not Avira or Ginny it is one and only WImax Babe!


Do you all agree she is so cute! No flat screen no airport whatever thing that you all like to say that specific thing!


This picture is just for now! WIll upload more if there is more nicer one if not enjoy this! All the cute one already is in the post! Every year there is surely some of the model in PC Fair be famous just because they are cute and hot! Just saying =]

7 Lovely Comment:

Lukey Cher Hong said...

haha just to attract all the guys... i wonder why they dun put guys to attract girls..?

Dropped by from Lukey's Rantings

Anonymous said...

Because attractive guys are really really short in supply.

Jimmy T said...

Lukey@ Later put too much guys the sales will go down!

Hundred@ Possiblity! Haha

Awan Bellz said...

im not agree but angry !
cnfused to lot prety girl butv they are look same prety.
on the below,i like short hair ha3..
wimax nice too...

Jimmy T said...

Awan@ lol

Cindy said...

Took so beautiful pc fair model photo ... from JBtalks forum , has pc fair model photo competition..

Anonymous said...

wahhhhh, the first row the HTC girl, damn hot man. anyone got her number? :P