Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Female Have Sex more Than 5,000 Times in 9 Years PERIOD!


According to Nikki Lee say that she have sex more than 5,000 man in 9 years period of time. It can be fake or real according to her. She is also beauty therapist maybe because of that man are attract to her because she know how to groom herself up and make guys tempted to her even she don’t look that attractive.

Just chubby looking! She also said that she have sex one time with 4 men and other than that she also say that she will not have sex with the same guys twice. Wow by saying that she is like a professional in it and she look very hot in it! But from my two eye she don’t look that attractive but just like medium ok type of girls.


She say that her part time job was a model and she always go for a holiday sex with guys and normally sleep with guys that at beaches or club. The funny thing that she record every person that she have sex with already in a special book she have. She say by 21 years old she already have sex with more than 2,200 guys out there.

She say sex for her is like a drug and she love doing it. From how i see she must be really good in it and are good in seducing guys to have sex with her. She don’t want to be cured and love with it just like Tiger Woods but Tiger Woods have a wife and he couldn’t do that. Out of Topic already! Haha


She lost her Virginity at 16 years old for guys even at 20 is still VIrgin mannnnnnnn! I mean someone that I know are still Virgin and are more and more hamsap by now last time see sex stuff like yeeerrrr disgusting now even download i saw on his computer. If guys nowadays don’t see  this kind of stuff will be surely gay or something like that.

She proudly say that she use condom and some contraceptive pill that i never heard before in my life. She say that she will only have sex with guys that are clean and safe. Other than that she will go weekly to do medical check up to see she is still clean from the diseases.

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If she look as hot as this i will be the first person in line! But look like big balloon i will skip it. Why she want to have sex with so many guys it is really that enjoying and fun keep doing non stop. It is better to do once a while than doing day by day and want to make Guinness Book of Record if she really want to do it.

DAAAAAAAMMMMMNNNNNNNNN Nowadays finding a loyal GF and stuff is like climbing up a Mount Everest most of them have high demand and only want you if the thing suit her for example handsome,money and etc.

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Anonymous said...

It’s funny how many articles and news come out on a weekly basis.

Anonymous said...

From shoulders down with! Good riddance! The better!