Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Is She Promoting her BIG CLEAVAGE or China Ipad?

TelCast-K3-03-333x500 TelCast-K3-04-333x500

In Reality is now that when a company want to promote a product they will surely hire hot model with big cleavage to attract guys especially IT stuff it is because guys is the highest percentage that LOVe so much of IT. Because nowadays you can’t see hot guys on races,Fair and many more.

TelCast-K3-05-500x333 TelCast-K3-01-500x333

But looking at the picture it attract me to buy the china made Ipad because it is a guy instinct when they sell hot girls they will straight away become soft and will do whatever the girl say to us. Can you believe this theory? But it is a fact i am not a pervert because if guy are not attract to girls they are surely gay or something close.


Look at this! It is not the Ipad i am interested with but the weird looking hanging stuff at her clothes that attract people to see and attract to it not the Ipad that attract people to buy it. Example is like PC Fair 2010 at KL Convention Centre it attract guys because you can see all the gigantic DSLR with the giant flash and keep flashing at the model or babe that is standing there. Crying out loud it is a IT Fair not a BABE FAIR!


Anyway this is the cutest girl i saw at PC Fair! So cute and adorable can’t get bored of her! Nothing can beat that

5 Lovely Comment:

zzanyy said...

ahahahah hardly notice the ipad until you mentioned it

ken said...

so you're in love.. =P

Jimmy T said...

ZZanyy@ Ya too distracting!

Ken@ Ya i am in LOVEEEE now!

lionel0008 said...

I guess people will remember their product just because of the girl.

The "ipad" is too small and not even in the centre in most of the pictures.

adamYam said...

the focus point not even on the ipad itself!lol