Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Some of the Disgusting Looking Canned Food

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The Food all look so weird it is giving me the creep eating canned food. Lanjiao food or Lancheon meat whatever people spell it is also dangerous and unhealthy to eat it because it can cause cancer or something like  that what i heard from long ago. Hope it look bad and taste good

disgusting_canned_foods_21 disgusting_canned_foods_22 disgusting_canned_foods_23  disgusting_canned_foods_25 disgusting_canned_foods_26 disgusting_canned_foods_27 disgusting_canned_foods_28 disgusting_canned_foods_30 disgusting_canned_foods_31 disgusting_canned_foods_32

Would you even try to eat it! Even it look bad sometimes it can taste good! But for me looking the weird color i don’t even have the mood to eat it. It can be something like Fear Factor to try to eat something weird and disgusting.


For me among all the canned food! This one look freaking weird not only the color but everything look so ewwww! Disgusting

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Elaine New said...

"Hope it look bad and taste good" wat u mean?! haha. but great articles. i enjoy ur blog cuz got all the funny n interesting things. =) plus ur very active in updating ur blog (unlike me) keep it up!!!