Monday, August 2, 2010

Celebrities Sucking on Lollipop! They Look So Adorable

I Know You Want it! A Lollipop too sooner or later lollipop camwhoring is the next big thing if you look hot!


Oh My God! Paris Hilton make me hate s**king on lollipop and also bad for our teeth. Don’t worry other will not disappoint you. Paris is over posing with the it that is why it taste like SHIT even looking on it. She should do less acting and be more natural sometimes even that thing look so tiny if you notice it.

Alessandra-Ambrosio-Lollipop jennifer-love-hewitt-lollipopselma-blair-lollipop 

This 3 picture make me want to eat lollipop now. I don’t know why celebrity posing with it make it taste better and make them look more attractive “sometimes” I think i want try Jennifer Love Hewitt lollipop flavor i think it taste better even the flavor taste bad if you know what i mean. Yummmy Yuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy!

So Next…….


I love this one! Making the lollipop as the disco ball not only that it can be eaten and other is history


Look at Rihanna expression WTF the lollipop is blue color!


mischa-barton-lollipopBRITNEY SPEARS taylor-momsen-lollipop emmy-rossum-lollipop coco_sucking_lollipop holly madison 190909 Jessica Alba

Other is just plain normal eating lollipop i think i can do better but lazy to do it! Haha


The one with the best pose would be Ashley Greene! With great package if only she is mind than I would be in HEAVEN by now!

2 Lovely Comment:

Elwyn~! said...

I thought all the Hollywood lollipops has drugs in it... isnt that what Britney was feeding on?

Jimmy T said...

Ya! It look so weird! Especially Brithnet hhaa =]