Saturday, August 28, 2010

China Traffic is 100 Kilometer Long and Stuck For Weeks!

If you complain that your country traffic jam is that bad try comparing with China! You surely wish that you are not from there and normally in our own country it jam about 3 to 5 hours but in China it take days for the road to be clear and it is 100 Kilometer long try imagine it.


This traffic jam started at 14 August 2010 and lasted until 24 August 2010 approximately about 10 days quite scary it is due to construction of the road that will last until 13 September i think read it one of the website and forget the exact date. It is scary if you are tourist there and stranded there for days not days it is weeks.

Most of the people that stuck in the highway have not much thing to do and just wait and hoping it will clear as soon as possible. Most of the people that is stranded at the highway only play cards,sleeping,getting good price for food and water vendor that is riding on bicycle. Most of the item that they sell 10 times more expensive for example a bottle of water are sold 10 yuan! CRAZY CRAZY


The worst is yet to come before the construction END! It say for the last 10 days the traffic only move 1 kilometer and 99 kilometer to go! The China Government deploy hundred of Police to help to clear the congestion. Heard from my lecture that China have overtake Japan as one of the top Economy.

IT will get even worst years to come because China economy is still growing and growing other problem will start to pop out! It will be a worrying situation for China. At Beijing their average speed is 15kmph it is slower than riding a bicycle i think walking can be faster than that.According to statistics by 2015 China will have 7milion private car on the road. It will be 1900 new car a day!

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Best Solution is to have your own Helicopter or Private Jet!

Here is a video! If you don't understand mandarin just view the video you will understand what is purpose!

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