Saturday, August 14, 2010

A 37 Years Old been Fined $1 Million for SPEEDING in Switzerland

 Mercedes-Benz-SLS-AMG-GT3-sport-car-500x333 SLS 63 AMG

The owner was driving Mercedes Benz SLS AMG!


He was driving the Mercedes at Switzerland speeding at 180 km/h and exceed the speed limit tremendously. Because some of the European country do not have a fix fines for speeding and Switzerland is one of them having this kind of system


It is based on how much the person make and the speed that the person exceed weird system but quite effective. About the buzz around in Switzerland is that the highest recorded speed in open road and also one of the highest fined ever given.


The driver was also lucky is that older type of camera did not caught him red handed because the older camera is limit to only 125 mph but a new camera was just been build and are in range that is what causes the 1milion fined. If the older camera gotten it, will cause more than 1 million.


If you in Malaysia don’t fret much the fastest police car will be the EVO with a BMW X6engine i think it can beat the police in no time and other than that how fast you speed the fined is the same i think it is 300 or more it change not really sure.

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