Tuesday, August 31, 2010

People Name Start with “D” Will Have a Shorter Life!


According to Psychologist at Wayne State University say that they make research and uses about 10,000 doctors,athletes and lawyer that is born between 1870 and 1930 and people that have initial of “D” and have an average living the shortest period. But it is weird people with an initial of “A” lived the longest. Do you know what people will initial of “A” will life longer of an average of 10 years.

But mostly this kind of weird science stuff we can’t really believe it is REAL. It is because life is real science is the other way around. Most of the stuff we can’t use science to find an answer. Try comparing a person with major in Science and Arts with managing a restaurant and stuff. You will be surprise how will it turn out and who will be the top. Will tell you a story about it and who will be the top! ^_^


But you all should not worry mostly the research is make in the USA so can sit down and relax. Back to the topic why people with initial of “D” will have a shorter life, the scientist believe that the person have a a weak body against diseases and stuff. It is also relying on the culture of a country for example like the USA grading system because A is a perfect student and “D'” is a worst student.

It is a mind game if you believe it will happen than it will happen if you believe otherwise it will be different. For example like LOVE if you said the guy don’t love you than let it be, if you love the guy slowly and slowly he will notice it is because it will be obvious and obvious everyday that you are looking at the person. Mostly it is psychology hope you what i mean by giving the unrelated and weird example!Haha


If you have heard will tell  you the story about an Art Student vs Science Student:

Science Major Staff  is  managing a cafeteria mostly come up from they mind is safe cost and with that their cutleries that are put is made from plastic and how do you expect people to cut a lamb or steak with a plastic spoon? The Science staff was so happy with the idea and thought everything is getting better. But slowly and slowly lesser people come and eat there because of the plastic cutleries and now safe cost and safe anything.

But for Arts Major Staff will think the other way and because everything is not wrote in the book but mostly from what we learn and experience make a big different for a Art Student that is why doing business suit for Arts people because they have creativity and know how to think as a customer mind what and how they will think about it than Science people just can look what in front of them.

Not Discrimination ok! Just comparing both of them! ^^

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of tr@vels, 3nvironment, 9hotography and bl@bl@bl@ said...

nice writing but regarding cost-saving concept, I don't think it has nothing to do with science, as cost cutting are part of business management..therefore it's from arts..science student will definitely think of using stainless steel cutlery as it is high in durability and could be reused. Well I'm a science student..hehe

Jimmy T said...

Haha! That is what my lecture said