Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What Type of Couple are you!

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Funny and weird right?


The one that have high possibility that it is correct is:


I believe the ugly and beautiful theory nowadays you can see many girls out there most of them with guys that are rich and try to seduce them to get married with them so that can share their wealth with them. Love just because they are rich doesn’t mean you will have a happy life. That is why life have a balance so think wisely what you do.


It is better in life we chase something that we love and worth it. Because life is short even the person is moderate or poor doesn’t mean they can’t ,make you happy. That is why when we like something or love someone we should straight away tell the person it is because there is nothing to lose and we have more time to move on to the one that deserve who you are.

For the other theory you can love your ass off! About it ^_^

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2 Lovely Comment:

j_fish said...

i like this. funny. XD
beautiful girl + beautiful girl = enemy. XD

Jimmy T said...

I agree totally for the beautiful girl and beautiful girl i know some people in my class is like that! Because they think they are better than each other -_-