Thursday, August 5, 2010

Money Grow on Tree!


Look at the picture! There is money growing on the tree not only that it is a 5 DOLAR bill i think you collect the whole tree you will be rich. Long ago hearing money grow on tree you think it is what a dumb rumor people are creating. It is not fake really money is growing out from the tree. Let me reveal the truth………………..


Actually it is fake! There is no such thing money grow on tree. Only there is a plant call money tree that can climb on wall like a small little monkey. Actually the money was put by one of the bank of Australia that think it is nice to prank people about it. From my point of view it is a good idea lucky they did not put the biggest notes that they have in their currency if not the next day the tree will be bald.


Look at them pulling the money from the tree. Back to my story about the secret i will reveal actually they are doing a experiment to see the people expression after seeing the tree with money popping out. There is a hidden camera to watch people expression of the tree.


One day in the future a tree will grow GOLD BAR than money notes! So PRAY HARD

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